about us

ISOC Delhi is a non-governmental organisation that promotes and develops the Internet for everyone, which includes individuals who are interested in promoting and enhancing the usage, maintenance, development and technology of the Internet in all urban and rural communities of India.


We will continue to work to strengthen the Internet, expand access, and ensure that people can communicate, organise, and exercise their freedom of expression freely and safely.


The primary mission of ISOC Delhi is to support and promote the development of the Internet as global technical infrastructure and align with Internet society goals for the Internet to be open, globally-connected, secure and trustworthy. When people can get access to the Internet, it can change just about everything.


ISOC Delhi focuses on building and supporting the communities that make the internetwork. To assist and provide support for policymaking and advancing the development of internet infrastructure.



To help achieve our mission, the ISOC Delhi:


  1. Supports open development of the Internet. Supports education wherever the need exists. Also Promotes the professional development of the Internet.
  2. Provides reliable information and provides discussion forums on issues about the evolution of the Internet.
  3. Gives a platform for community engagement, enables self-governance, serves as a focal point for all people around the world interested in promoting the Internet as a positive tool.



The Internet is for everyone.