October 2018

Successful conclusion of Third Edition of inSIG


The third edition of the India School of Internet Governance was organised in New Delhi, India between 13-15 October.  In addition, two Day 0 events—the first India Youth IGF and the GFCE Triple-I Workshop—were also organized on 12 Oct 2018. This event was organised jointly by Internet Society Chapters at  Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Trivandrum.


The third edition of inSIG brought together 92 participants, including 52 Fellows from 6 countries of which 22 were women, 33 Speakers from 6 countries, including, an ICANN Board member, a member of the ISOC Board of Trustees, the CTO of ISOC CTO, representatives of ISOC, APNIC and ICANN and experts from the country.


A detailed, session-by-session report of inSIG2018, together with feedback received at the end of the session, is available as a work-in-progress document available at http://bit.ly/insig-report and pictures at https://bit.ly/insig2018pics


Day 0 Updates:


The GFCE Triple I workshop was inaugurated by Shri Ajay Prakash Sawhney, Secretary, MeitY, Govt of India, and was attended by Mr. Maarten Botterman, ICANN Board Member, and Mr. Olaf Kolkman, CTO, ISOC, among others. The event was hosted at the Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India, and was supported by the Government of Netherlands.



The first India Youth IGF, which was accorded formal approval by UN-IGF, and had over 120 mostly young women in Technology, was organised at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (IGDTUW), Delhi. The event was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of the University and speakers at YIGF included staff of APNIC, ICANN,  ISOC, and CCAOI Director – member of inSIG organising committee, besides local experts.