February 2018

The Internet Society India Delhi  Chapter organised an online meeting on 12 February, 2018, which was attended by 36 participants, belonging to various Chapters of South Asia, including Chapter Leaders and ISOC APAC Bureau staff. The recording can be viewed here.

Subhashish Panigrahi, ISOC APAC Bureau shared on the Action Plan 2018; Dr Govind, Delhi Chapter, shared the feedback on the recently conducted Chapter survey and areas of focus in 2018; a pre-recorded interview with Pablo Hinojosa and Srinivas Chendi from APNIC on APRICOT 2018 and APNIC 45 meeting and ways for the community to engage, was played; chapter member Col. Interject Barara gave a presentation on “Block Chain-The foundation Technology of Future”. 

Next Chapter leaders including Anupam Agrawal, Kolkata Chapter, spoke on the L&J server, which the Chapter is managing; Bikram Shrestha, Nepal Chapter highlighted the recent initiatives undertaken by their Chapter; Maheeshwara Kirindigoda, Sri Lanka Chapter highlighted the study being conducted on Internet Addiction; Prateek Pathak Mumbai Chapter outlined the various capacity building and outreach programs of the chapter; Srinivasan R highlighted the activities of the Trivandrum Chapter while Satish Babu gave an overview of the various schools of Internet governance; Waqas Hassan, Islamabad Chapter shared the events conducted by the chapter and plans for the future and Jahangir Hossain shared about the technical and outreach activities of the Bangladesh Chapter. 

The session was moderated by Amrita Choudhury.